IMPACT Our donors transform Monterey County’s public hospital into a high-​​quality medical center, turning health care into healing in a community that is home to some of the richest and poorest people in the United States. Natividad Medical Foundation brings together a community that often lives apart — and creates health innovations that are models for the nation and the world.

Make a Real Difference
in Real Lives

Making the CHOICE to break the cycle of violence.

Natividad Medical Center’s Level II Trauma Center sees the bloody effects of Monterey County’s high youth homicide rate. Those who survive gang violence are often released into the same deadly situations. We thought it was time to offer prevention in addition to treatment. Working with the Trauma Center, we developed the CHOICE program that helps victims heal mentally and emotionally during and after their physical recovery at the Trauma Center. The CHOICE team meets each patient bedside to mentor and provide connections to community resources to help them exit the cycle of violence. And, the team stays in touch with patients for up to a year, providing continuity of care and the support necessary to rebuild lives. So far, we’ve helped more than 170 victims of violence and our 3-​​year re-​​injury rate for victims of violence participating in CHOICE is 1%, compared with the 5-​​year national average of 44%. CHOICE is one example of how we transform health care into healing for individuals, families and the community. Learn more about our CHOICE program and other programs that make a real difference in real lives.

Heal Diverse Communities

Connecting doctors and patients through the language of healing.

Natividad Medical Center serves patients who speak languages and numerous dialects rarely spoken outside small villages in Mexico, Central America and the agricultural communities throughout the United States. Our unique Indigenous Interpreting+® program reached into Monterey County’s communities to find individuals who understood the lives and language of indigenous patients and could help bridge the gap between ancient cultures and modern medicine. Our interpreters work in almost every area of the hospital — supporting patient care in the Trauma Center, providing education classes to new parents, and spending as much time as it takes to make care at the Medical Center a welcoming, inclusive and healing experience. The results: families who can better care for their children, patients who understand how to better care for themselves and a community that can connect on healthier outcomes for all. Learn more about Indigenous Interpreting+ and other programs that heal diverse communities.

Partner in Healthier

An environment designed to speed healing and strengthen families.

Partnerships between doctors and Foundation funders make the difference when it comes to saving the lives of the most vulnerable. Natividad Medical Center has a long history of delivering thousands of babies a year, many from families who earn less than $15,000 a year. Doctors and nurses saw a critical need to improve Natividad’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to provide better outcomes for premature newborns and infants with serious illnesses in Monterey County. They worked with the Foundation to upgrade and expand the NICU into a state-​​of-​​the art, Level III facility. Today, procedures are completed within incubators to minimize upsetting movement to the child. Monitors are non-​​invasive to keep the child’s environment as warm and peaceful as possible. Parents are encouraged to stay with their children and become an active part of their care inside and outside when children move home, increasing successful recoveries. Learn more about NICU and other programs that come from these active partnerships.