OUR PROGRAMS At Natividad Medical Foundation, each gift tells a story. Women, children and families who receive access to health care services regardless of their ability to pay. Physicians and medical professionals who have the equipment and resources they need to provide high quality care for every patient. Our programs help donors make a world of difference in their own backyard. Read more about our programs that transform health care into healing.

Indigenous Interpreting+®

The language of healing.

Monterey County is home to Mexican and Central American immigrants who previously lived in villages so isolated that they speak indigenous languages and very little to no Spanish. The Foundation and its donors developed the internationally-​​recognized Indigenous Interpreting+® program to help doctors, nurses, administrators and patients connect to improve care and speed healing. Read more

Patient Greatest Needs Fund

Healing after health care.

Doctors and nurses request resources from the Patient Greatest Needs Fund when their patients are ready to move forward with healing, but don’t have the basic resources to make a successful transition. Donors contribute to basic necessities such as medications, transportation, shelter and other resources they need to transition back to independence. These one-​​time gifts to patients in need help them leave the hospital and move forward with their lives. Read more

Trauma and Diabetes Prevention Education

Care to educate.

Natividad Medical Center has outstanding trauma and acute care — we take care to make sure fewer people need it. The Foundation supports prevention as the best medicine. Trauma and Disease Education and Prevention programs bring health professionals out of the hospital and clinics and in to the lives of the community to provide the education and resources people need to stay healthy. Read more


Ending the cycle of violence.

Monterey County has the highest rates of youth homicide in the state. Our doctors and donors see a once-​​in-​​a-​​lifetime chance to interrupt this cycle with the CHOICE program when victims receive treatment at Natividad’s Trauma Center. Read more

The Onyx Fund for Women: A Legacy Fund

Helping women heal.

Our funders established The Onyx Fund for Women when Natividad Medical Center physicians shared their concern that a growing number of women couldn’t afford basic surgeries to heal chronic gynecologic conditions. The Fund was inspired by Onix, a woman who put her family’s financial needs before her own health for years. Read more

Technology and Medical Equipment

Equipping doctors with more healing power.

Natividad Medical Center provides essential services, and we build on that foundation with enhancements in technology and medical equipment to speed better health outcomes. Through active partnerships with Natividad’s physicians and nurses, Natividad Medical Foundation identifies critical technology resources that will make the biggest difference in saving, preserving and improving the lives of patients. Read more

Acute Rehabilitation Center

Fostering healing.

Natividad Medical Center’s Acute Rehabilitation Center is designed to assist patients and their families with the physical, occupational and speech therapy needed to safely return home. Read more

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

A fighting chance for a healthy life.

A healthful community begins with its youngest citizens, and Natividad Medical Foundation ensures the highest quality care for its most vulnerable. Donations from the Foundation are directed toward ensuring state-​​of-​​the-​​art equipment for babies admitted — technology that improves care while offering a more calming environment to speed healing. Read more

The Art of Better Health

Creating for health.

Donors, patients and artists come together to encourage healing through Natividad Medical Foundation’s Art of Better Health program. Donors and local artists transformed what could have been a generic hospital setting into one that welcomes the community by celebrating the people, the culture and the spirit of our community. Read more

Palliative Care

Healing for patients and their families.

For more than a decade, Natividad Medical Foundation and Natividad Medical Center have together created programs to provide spiritual care, bereavement support, pediatric palliative care and adult palliative care at Natividad to transform health care — in all phases of life — into healing for patients and their families. Read more